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Agile science, agile software

21st century science requires agility in application development. Eagle Genomics is committed to an open architecture and development environment to enable third parties to benefit from the innovative capabilities of e[datascientist]. 

e[sdk] enables the creation of robust low-code applications that cover a range of business needs. It supports software integration with adjacent R&D software infrastructure and the broader enterprise data architecture.

e[sdk] is a powerful low-code tool of e[datascientist], allowing developers to extend the platform to deliver custom capabilities and experiences. It enables the development of new industry cloud applications, leveraging industry standard tools to develop, and debug and integrate seamlessly with e[datascientist] in the cloud.

With e[sdk], build software that adapts to changing needs and continuous integration with both internal and external functionalities.




Key features

  • Build applications that utilize the extensive AI-augmented data management and insight generation capabilities of e[datascientist]
  • Integrate e[datascientist] into existing applications, enabling teams to read and write securely, import, update, and retrieve data from electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory information management system (LIMS) and other core systems
  • Add own code when needed to instantiate key enterprise processes, logic, and data models to create full-stack, cross-platform applications
  • Interact through an intuitive interface to connect the software and tools required in the application development process
  • Benefit from a modular architecture with packaged services for application development with support for a range of programming languages
  • Create powerful software that leverages the e[datascientist] platform
  • Build applications with complementary functionality and communication capabilities using standard platform APIs
  • Connect and integrate e[datascientist] into the company infrastructure through e[SDK], allowing anyone from developers to business users to assemble, curate and navigate data from multiple sources
  • Extend the rage of effective, high-performance applications to create and exploit new business opportunities

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Augment the internal data estate with an industry-defining data universe designed to accelerate collaborative innovation in the microbiome space.
low-code customer apps
Compose robust low-code applications covering a range of business needs. Extend e[datascientist] to deliver custom capabilities and experiences.

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