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Scientific challenge

A bewildering and growing array of statistical tools available to life scientists could lead to flawed selections, resulting in incorrect interpretations and conclusions.

Compounding the challenge is the lack of high impact exploratory data analysis (EDA) applications for use in conjunction with those statistical tools to deliver accurate and reliable estimations and predictions, as well as low risks of false positive and negative results.

Germane to the delivery of 21st century science is the requirement for a high degree of model integrity and result interpretability. 

e[statistician] provides recommendations and guidance to ensure the selection and performance of robust, accurate statistics to underpin the integrity of results and evidence.

Key features

  • Benefit from smart, data-driven recommendations and guidance throughout the entire statistical analysis process
  • Create a canvas for systematizing and automating the statistical thinking process, through the lens of the multi-layer hypergraph
  • Formulate hypothesis tests (e.g. data stratification, test of association, goodness of fit) based on various data types (e.g. categorical data, continuous, discrete, binary)
  • Select the most appropriate statistical tools (e.g. parametric and non-parametric tests, data transformation) based on the formulated hypotheses and data type
  • Perform complex statistical analyses based on selection criteria and data requirements
  • Assure effective and reliable data analyses by applying the correct statistical tools
  • Easily communicate and contextualize results and outcomes in an visual manner
  • Enhance estimation and prediction accuracy, reducing risks of false positives or negatives
  • Achieve a higher degree of interpretability in data models and statistical results
  • Improve the strength of data-driven product claims with robust and reliable statistical analyses

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Augment the internal data estate with an industry-defining data universe designed to accelerate collaborative innovation in the microbiome space.
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Compose robust low-code applications covering a range of business needs. Extend e[datascientist] to deliver custom capabilities and experiences.

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