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The microbiome's most powerful innovation platform

Unlocking radical innovation by enabling the conversation between microbiome data and the scientist

Helping to solve the grand challenges of our age

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Collaborating across industries at the leading edge of microbiome innovation

Microbiome data is vast and complex, but it can yield significant, unexpected and novel innovation opportunities. Yet its vastness and complexity stand in the way of making that innovation systematic. 

Eagle Genomics is establishing the essential data fabric and applying network data science to drive more effective innovation. 

Our platform is designed to explore wider and highly novel possibilities. Generate, evaluate and test a vastly greater number of hypotheses, reliably and repeatably — radically increasing breadth and speed to insight. 

If microbiome data could speak, what would it tell us?

The cloud software platform engineered to enable conversations between the scientist and data.

Network Science

Unify constellations of complex, multi-dimensional data.

AI & Hypergraph

Extract concepts, patterns and relationships to make sense of that data.

Causal Analysis

Evidence robust causal effects for microbiome product claims.

A platform engineered for the whole innovation workflow




Select, combine and compose applications that best apply to your scientific journey.

Network Life Sciences Platform

Leverage network science, AI and hypergraph technologies to place data at the heart of innovation.

Trusted Data Fabric

Construct and navigate a unified data fabric and transcend legacy data infrastructure.

Innovating for a better future

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