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e[datascientist] exploration

Designed to help humans understand data, to advance ongoing scientific studies and to establish the foundation for future science-led innovation. 

Life sciences data is messy, noisy and usually incomplete, requiring specialized interpretation skills, involving highly-skilled individuals in laborious, error-prone data wrangling.

Exponential growth in biological data available for scientific exploration outstrips the capability of humans to interpret and generate meaningful insight.

e[datascientist] exploration applications provide a scalable, industry-defining alternative to address these current challenges. These provide a step-change in accessibility and understanding of the complexities of multi-dimensional data for every scientist.

Underpinned by a reliable, trusted data fabric, the exploration applications enable the user to summarize, aggregate and graphically represent multi-omics data in a multi-layer hypergraph, and select the right method to address different scientific enquiries.


e[datascientist] exploration


Contextualize data and navigate scientific data-entity relationships

Explore and traverse ever-growing quantities of data in conversation with a context-specific multi-layer hypergraph. Easily navigate complex relationships between data and knowledge layers and entities.

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e[exploratory data analysis]

Characterize data for statistical analysis

Perform intuitive, guided statistical data exploration, mining and analysis. Characterize life sciences data, understand distributions, associations, correlations and key patterns. Formulate hypotheses, select and utilize appropriate statistical tools for analysis.

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Generate, formulate and test novel hypotheses

Generate, formulate and explore questions, conjectures and hypotheses. Test previously unexplored associations in data. Conduct causal analysis given specific hypotheses and datasets. Navigate the knowledge graph to explore hypothesis-driven data interactions and generate multi-causal explanations.

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Augment the internal data estate with an industry-defining data universe designed to accelerate collaborative innovation in the microbiome space.
low-code customer apps
Compose robust low-code applications covering a range of business needs. Extend e[datascientist] to deliver custom capabilities and experiences.

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