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Scientific challenge

A product claim is a set of declarations and conclusions about a product, both from a scientific and marketing point of view. Generation of product claims requires alignment and close collaboration among multiple stakeholders, including leadership, product development, innovation, R&D, IP, compliance, communications, and others. 

Making microbiome-based product claims is a complex, multi-disciplinary endeavor. Achieving adherence to and compliance with emerging regulatory requirements in relation to bioactives, pre-, pro-, post- and synbiotic products, food as medicine, etc., is non-trivial.

To ensure the robustness of a claim, companies need to demonstrate product efficacy and benefits. This includes defining and tracing the entire scientific journey to frame objective evidence behind a claim. Traceability, verification and validation are all key elements of this process. 

e[claim] creates workflows to enable collaboration and the support of claims in a highly intuitive frame.

  • Accelerate, assemble and repurpose evidence to support claims in line with fast-evolving regulatory requirements
  • Ensure cross-departmental collaboration to facilitate effective, traceable decision-making
  • Support multiple types of claims (patent, medical, promotional, etc.) across jurisdictions
  • Integrate with review and approval systems to ensure a verifiable, validated end-to-end claims process
  • Facilitate guidance from regulatory bodies, ensuring a mistake-proofing process and increasing the predictability of approval

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