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Meet e[datascientist]™

The microbiome's most powerful innovation platform


Select, combine and compose applications that best apply to your scientific journey.

Network Life Sciences Platform

Leverage network science, AI and hypergraph technologies to place data at the heart of innovation.

Conversational Collaboration

Humans and machines learning together

e[datascientist] provides the foundation for conversational learning between the data and the scientist. This unique conversational interface provides the basis for a radical shift in microbiome science led innovation.

Valuation and Decision Engine

Trusted Decision Framework

Objectively measure the usefulness and relevance of your data and knowledge assets. At the core of e[datascientist], a unique trusted decision framework infers context from metadata, prioritizing entity relationships at unprecedented speed and microbiomical scale.

Analysis Hub

Guided statistical analysis and visualization

Intelligent statistical analysis and pipeline capabilities on the cloud guide and inform research direction and outcomes. e[datascientist] automates workflow technology and analysis tools on a single platform.


Conceptual Experiment Framework

Intelligent management, analysis and sharing of multi-omics data and metadata. The e[datascientist] Catalog, equipped with robust governance structures, orchestrates the journey from disparate data sources to scientifically meaningful knowledge artefacts.

Multi-layer Hypergraph

Transforming knowledge discovery

Explore complex multi-dimensional relationships within microbiome data. Link, layer and nest a network of hypergraphs to expose, elucidate and understand context and emergent data patterns.

Trusted Data Fabric

Construct and navigate a unified data fabric and transcend legacy data infrastructure.


Maximize yield on data


Extensive, robust and reliable data models


Universe of human and microbial data

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