Insights from within the genomics revolution

It's an exciting time to be in genomics.

As I sit writing this from the heart of the year-old BioData Innovation Centre (BIC) at the world-leading Wellcome Genome Campus, there is a definite energy emanating from the various start-ups that have set up home here- many from the renowned research institutions within the campus. The number of companies is rising, and with them a sense that innovative and impactful breakthroughs in healthcare and industry will grow from here. It's an ambitious, creative and stimulating environment where the atmosphere echoes the pioneering optimism of the silicon valley tech wave, which is no doubt why investors are recognising the opportunity and potential of companies within our sector.

This was only reinforced in the recent "Life sciences: industrial strategy" report by Sir John Bell, which urges significant funding and the alignment of government, NHS, industry and research to position the UK as a world leader in life sciences.

BioData Innovation Centre


Advances in technology and government funded initiatives have unleashed the potential of big data. Now companies (such as Eagle Genomics!) are developing the platform capability to overcome the associated data challenges, and harnessing the power of machine learning to achieve meaningful scientific insight and discovery.


With all this activity, it's good to see the media recognising the impact this new insight will have on healthcare and product innovation in the future. A recent article in the Telegraph, "UK plc urged to seize 'global opportunity' in genomics", called for more investment to support the thriving UK biotech industry; and it was great for Eagle Genomics to get a mention as one of the companies already leading the field. The Financial Times also reported on the Wellcome Genome Campus companies that have so far attracted significant venture funding, with the sector as a whole on track to raise £3bn this year.

So, have we seen the impact of this revolution at Eagle Genomics? The short answer is... absolutely! We're riding this exciting wave with the rest our colleagues at the BIC and beyond, with record interest this year from industry, healthcare and investors in our AI driven e[automateddatascientist] platform. We're working with significantly more companies, understanding their biodata challenges and developing our platform and services to bridge the gap between big data and insight.

We're excited about what the future holds and look forward to reaching the huge potential this revolution promises...

If you're interested in what we're doing at Eagle Genomics, please contact us- we're always eager to hear about your experiences and challenges. Email or call +44 (0)1223 654481.