Eagle Genomics is Proud Sponsor of Biocuration 2019

biocuration 2019Eagle Genomics is delighted to be sponsoring Biocuration 2019, hosted by the International Society for Biocuration. This year's event is taking place at the West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge on Sunday April 7th to Wednesday April 10th.

The meeting will provide a forum for biocurators and developers of biological databases to discuss their work, promote collaboration and foster a sense of community in this very active and growing area of research. Participants from academia, government, and industry interested in the methods and tools employed in curation of biological data are encouraged to attend.

We’re also co-organising a workshop on ‘Biocuration in Industry’ on the Tuesday from 2-4pm. The workshop will explore biocuration performed in a commercial environment, with the aim of allowing participants to share their experience of workflows, tooling and the some of the challenges they encounter. You can sign up for the workshop here.

Our Scientific Data Specialist & Biocurator Yasmin Alam-Faruque will be presenting at the Biocuration in Industry workshop. Areas to be covered in the workshop include:

  • Selecting ontologies/standards
  • Data normalization/cleansing
  • Tools for biocuration
  • Machine-learning
  • Biocuration in the laboratory
  • Ontology management
  • Ontology mapping

In addition, don't miss Session 3 - Curation for human health and nutrition on Tuesday 8th, co-chaired by Eagle's Eleanor Stanley.