Eagle Genomics collaborates with Pistoia Alliance on New Microbiome Project

  • Valuable microbiome data to be incorporated into drug development pipeline
  • Global standardized ‘atlas’ to be created

Today, The Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit alliance that advocates for greater collaboration in life sciences R&D, today announced the launch of a new project on the microbiome, which could help speed the advancement of new, precision medicines and treatments. The project – funded by global biopharma companies and Eagle Genomics – aims to incorporate microbiome data into the drug development pipeline by gathering all existing microbiome data to create a global standardized ‘atlas’ that scientists can refer to when choosing new drug candidates. 

Read more about this exciting new project here. 

“The Eagle Genomics team is delighted to participate in this pre-competitive microbiome and drug metabolism project as members of the Pistoia Alliance,” commented Dr Sven Sewitz, Director of Biodata Innovation, Eagle Genomics.  “Scientists are beginning to understand the complex interactions between gut microbes, their metabolism, and their effect on drug efficacy. We are keen to work alongside other members of the project team to develop the computational tools and data infrastructure that will enable and accelerate this exciting work. Science and innovation in this field are moving at an incredible pace, and the outcomes of this project will be shared with a wide group so advances can be applied in many contexts. We are at the beginning of a new phase in drug development, which will be of great benefit to patients all over the globe.” 

Image: Dr Sven Sewitz, Director of Biodata Innovation, Eagle Genomics

Dr Sven Sewitz Eagle Genomics