• the most powerful genome browser


The flexible database structure and extensive programmatic interfaces make e[nsembl] the genome browser of choice. It is powered by Ensembl, the world’s most powerful open source genome browser. This is one of the most successful and iconic molecular biology resources used daily by thousands of researchers globally.

How it works

Ensembl provides a powerful tool for visualising and searching genome data. e[nsembl] allows you to speed up your R&D pipeline by visualising your next-generation sequencing data in the context of public reference data.

Business Benefits

Better Management

Externalising the management of ‘operational’ bioinformatics will free up your in-house staff to work on valuable R&D projects.


Integration of internal data with e[nsembl] will lead to powerful new research insights. It can answer complex research questions that demand complete integration of public and private data.

Cloud based deployment

Easy to install and manage on public or private cloud – with e[nsembl] running a copy of Ensembl really becomes really easy and straight forward. Deployments on AWS and VMware are available right out of the box, although deployment on Microsoft Azure are also possible.


Be at the forefront of the latest developments and enhancements to Ensembl. The close relationship between the Eagle Genomics and the Ensembl development teams means we gain access to the latest advancements in Ensembl.

Why choose e[nsembl]?

Eagle Genomics are the world’s leading Ensembl specialist:

Industry experts – we have been supplying Ensembl to R&D companies globally since 2008

Customisation – Eagle Genomics has worked on complex projects, such as for Pistoia Alliance and Genomics England and has also deployed e[nsembl] into industry in Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, CROs and Agri-tech sectors. We are able to provide custom views, custom databases and custom Track Hubs

Unique Ensembl configuration for AWS AMIs and VMware VMs

Commercialisation agreement with EBI since 2010 – This provides Eagle with access to the development team and know-how behind the Ensembl Project.

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Our Smart Data Management Platform

e[nsembl] is part of our proprietary software suite that bridges the entire process from the medical data through to insight.

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