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Introducing the next generation centralised data catalogue

e[catalog] is a central secure platform from which to deliver an integrated web-based solution for information management of large-scale experimental datasets. It acts a centralised data catalogue enabling the intelligent management, analysis and sharing of genomic and metadata.

How it works

e[catalog] has been deployed by a range of global organisations as an enterprise cloud solution in the management of genomic and metadata in the R&D process. e[catalog] orchestrates the journey from sources to insights, providing governance, advanced analytics and sharing capabilities. It is built around the open standard ISA data model. e[catalog] embeds data in context that enables them to be captured and used effectively and consistently.

Business Benefits

Works like a scientist

It’s hierarchical approach to organising metadata matches the conceptual framework used by practising scientists in conducting, organising and navigating past experiments and designing new experiments.

Promotes best practice and increases productivity

e[catalog] has a simple intuitive interface that enables users to quickly import legacy data, capture new experimental data and allows all this data to be linked together into one manageable shared repository.

Encourages collaboration

e[catalog] is an efficient alternative to information silos. Set up as a central hub and cataloguing structure, e[catalog] easily manages and monitors experimental information within and between organisations allowing enhanced levels of collaboration.

A scalable and flexible platform

Based on open standards, it offers flexibility and scalability that can manage the next generation of assay technologies and tackle data science problems in life sciences R&D.

Module Features

Metadata Catalogue » Experimentalist view of the data, organise experimental metadata & data, link everything in one place

Flexible Development » Can be set up on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid approach

Secure » Securely share internally & externally, deploy on-site or in the cloud.

Federated access to remote data » (e.g. S3 files) or store copies within the platform

Advanced Search Capabilities » Ontology support to standardise entries for studies, phenotypes & technologies.

API Interface » Connect to external programs for further analysis or data ingestion.

 » Easy-to-use interface for quick data capture of new experiments & legacy data support.

Open Standards » Uses established open standards (ISA, OWL) & ontologies (e.g. EFO) to organise data.

Our Smart Data Management Platform

e[catalog] is part of our proprietary software suite that bridges the entire process from the medical data through to insight.

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