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The Automated Data Scientist

Eagle Genomics’ unique and award-winning value-driven approach to smart data management harnesses a decade of our expertise in the life sciences industry

The Eagle Genomics’ software platform provides an easy to use intuitive approach to curating, integrating, sharing, analysing and valuing scientific data for your clinical and molecular studies, as well as in other industries where similar challenges have been addressed.

Our Platform

The Automated Data Scientist
Today, the most significant cost of analysis for the scientist is in understanding and preparing the data. This bridge from big data to insight can be very costly and wasteful, without an appropriate intelligent approach that scales across your organisation and between organisations. However, with the right methods, a powerful and scalable “automated data scientist” is created that enables new and better insight to be found at lower cost.

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Platform Modules

Each stage of our 4 step workflow is undertaken by the award winning portfolio of eagle products.


Locate your data quickly and easily
with our innovative smart data platform


A revolution in data ingestion
& semantic annotation processes


A new paradigm in the
exploration and discovery of data


High performance and broadly adopted technologies for high scale analytics pipelines (eaglehive) and genome browsing (eagleensembl)