Translational Research

Transform your Translational Research

Translational research aims to expidite the discovery of new diagnostic tools and treatments by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach.
Eagle enables companies to transform their translational research by organising and harnessing the value of proprietary scientific and patient data in the context of publicly available information.

From early research…
Target identification

Biomarker discovery

Mechanism of action

…through to development
Patient stratification

Target prioritisation

Indication prioritisation

Eagle’s Translational Framework

In order to deliver new insight discovery, Eagle’s translational data science platform (an AI-based data management and analysis platform for translational research) provides a solution at every stage of the translational process:

Capability 1


To ingest/curate/annotate patient, indication and target data in a semi-automatic manner and build a catalog of patients, indications and targets. Simultaneously to capture and define the different parameters/variables/categories that will enable a proper patient, indication, target selection/prioritisation for subsequent use.

Capability 2


To select/prioritise the most valuable/relevant patient, indication, target or groups of patients, indications or targets based on parameters/variables/categories defined by Capability 1, and access their data

Capability 3

comparison analysis

To run complex comparison analysis between groups of patients, indications or target data selected by Capability 2

Capability 4


To pinpoint/visualise the new insight generated by Capability 3 and assess its validity/robustness/value

Benefits of applying the Eagle Translational platform:

1. Data managed and analysed with context
2. Semi-automated data preparation
3. More time for the scientist to focus on the question
4. Interpretation consistent across all data