Eagle Genomics selected to join Microsoft AI Factory at Station F

Microbiome discovery platform company Eagle Genomics has been selected to join the latest cohort of the Microsoft AI Factory, based at the world-renowned Station F startup campus in Paris.

The Microsoft AI Factory accelerator programme launched in 2017 in partnership with French computer science and automation institution, INRIA. It has selected and supported a community of leading AI startups to drive and accelerate innovation in the field. The community, based at the world’s largest startup campus, Station F, hosts pioneering companies from a wide range of sectors applying AI to solve some of the grand challenges of our age.

The Eagle Genomics platform utilizes AI to analyze complex genomic and microbiomic data at scale, delivering new insight and allowing enterprise brands to assess the viability, efficacy and safety of products. The company is particularly focused on how the microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses present in virtually all living organisms, is linked with health and affected by the products we use and consume.

CEO of Eagle Genomics, Anthony Finbow commented:

“Acceptance into the Microsoft AI Factory accelerator programme comes at a good time as we expand our presence in France. It’s fantastic to be recognised as a company at the forefront of AI technology and to have the opportunity to collaborate with INRIA, one of the world’s leading AI research centres. The combination of our expertise with access to best-in-class Microsoft technology and pioneering AI research will no doubt propel the capabilities of our platform.”

 He added: “We’re also proud to be representing British companies at Station F in France as part of a global programme at the leading-edge of AI research and development.”

 Eagle Genomics’ selection into the AI Factory follows its participation in the European Microsoft ScaleUp programme and a recently announced partnership with Microsoft Genomics, which marked Microsoft’s first venture into the microbiome. The company has also recently secured funding of $3.5M to accelerate the development of its award-winning platform.

Watch the interview with Eagle Founder and CPO, Abel Ureta-Vidal, introducing Eagle into the programme: