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Microbiomics / Metagenomics

Microbiomics research is progressing at a rapid rate as we get a better understanding of the impact of the microbiome on our bodies.

Current and future advancements will have a profound socioeconomic impact globally. Eagle Genomics is actively engaged with global companies in their microbiomic R&D programmes. Our mixed expertise in biology, bioinformatics and knowledge management coupled with our powerful software platform has already transformed new product innovation in the microbiomic sector.

Market Impact of Microbiomics Analysis

Global Human Microbiome Market expected to grow 21.9% by 2022, to $521.23m

Pre & Probiotic foods and supplements worth $19bn globally

Global Market for animal feed additives $10.6bn

Medical Foods & Drinks worth $9bn globally

$801m expected turnover in Therapeutics by 2023

Global Nutraceutical Market worth $207bn

Focused Industries

We are helping to speed up and shape microbiomic research across a range of sectors and with the following benefits:
• Increase sales •
• Identify infection/contamination – avoid legal action •
• Find a new discovery •
• Increase R&D efficiency •
• Stay ahead of cycles/trends •
Oral Health

Measure the oral microbiome composition; promote healthy microbiome composition

Food Safety

Monitoring for potentially harmful bacteria eg Listeria, botulism, Salmonella, Cholera

Skin Care/Cosmetics

Leverage the skin microbiome as a diagnostic, prognostic, and/or therapeutic tool

Baby Skin

Produce nappies/ wipes that cause less irritation to baby skin

Vaginal Health

Effect of vaginal microbiome in pre and post-menopause, during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy

Dandruff Prevention

Prevention of dandruff, development of pre-biotic shampoos

Gut Health Risk

Leverage the gut microbiome as a diagnostic, prognostic, and/or therapeutic tool

Soil Engineering

Interactivity between soil and bacteria/fungi, microbiome dependant on farming system


Metagenomic analysis and functional characterization of the biogas microbiome

Animal Food & Health

Measure the gut/skin microbiome composition; promote healthy microbiome composition


Relationship between gut/skin microbiome composition and anti-aging

Effective Cleaning Products

Combat harmful bacteria more effectively and promote healthy bacteria in the environment

Eagle’s Microbiome Solution Architecture

Eagle Genomics leads the industry in configuring and deploying best-in-class microbiome workflow solutions. These run large-scale parallelized pipelines cost efficiently, with seamless connectivity between the source data and the scientists. The figure below shows Eagle’s high level architecture:

Examples of how Eagle has collaborated with customers

1. Scaled end to end infrastructure for analysis and learning
2. Scaled collaboration environment for reuse of data and learning
3. Project level collaboration for improved product claims