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Human Genomics

Our mixed expertise in biology, bioinformatics and knowledge management coupled with our powerful software platform has already transformed new product innovation in the biopharma sector.

Our expertise

Eagle Genomics supplies bioinformatics software and services to enterprise customers in support of their R&D programmes. We are a “solutions” company, involved in planning, implementation and maintenance of projects in close partnership with the client and their other providers. We count most top tier biopharmaceutical, global personal care and wellness companies as our customers. 

We fully understand all the challenges faced by our clients within these sectors, such as the need to complete quick cycles of development and the importance of generating marketing scientific claims in order to drive product adoption.

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Our Projects

Here is a selection of our work that we have conducted for a range of clients, from blue chip global brands through to academic institutions.

In 2014 Eagle completed a successful pilot project for the UK 100,000 Genome Project where we demonstrated alignment, variant calling and analysis pipelines (e[hive]) that could achieve sustained throughput more than 100 whole genomes (over 10TB data) per day on the cloud (AWS)

Eagle has been a member of the Pistoia Alliance since its foundation in 2009, and plays an active role in the current Ontology Mapping Project, with particular focus on annotation and harmonisation molecular and phenotypic metadata.

Eagle is a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics in Health where our activities are focused on the integration of genomics readouts with clinical phenotypes as part of the Metadata Task Team.

MELGEN (ETN): A cooperative environment for research and training in melanoma research, with the aim of improving precision medicine for patients with the disease.

sysVASC (FP7): a bench to bedside project with a systems biology approach to identify molecular targets for vascular disease treatment. Of particular relevance is the application of Eagle’s proprietary data valuation

ENLIGHT-TEN (ITN): T cell immunology and big data analysis to train a new generation of researchers to exploit the power of emerging technological platforms

Large biopharma informatics platform

Since 2008 Eagle has managed an Ensembl-based enterprise platform for integration of public and proprietary genomic markers related to drug response. Over the years the platform has been used as a primary source of pharmacogenomic data by many drug discovery scientists working across several high-profile drug development programs.

Biomarker informatics platform for bioPharma spin-out

Eagle designed, implemented and supported the AWS-based informatics platform (TransMart and eaglehive) for this semi-autonomous business unit. The platform allowed the project team supported by a single bioinformatician to effectively identify novel combined proteomic/transcriptomic biomarkers during an 18 month pre-clinical development program. A companion biomarker was subsequently progressed into clinical trials alongside the lead compound.

Genomics pipelines for large biopharma oncology unit

For several years Eagle has provided production variant calling and transcriptomic data processing pipelines (eaglehive) deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Capable of reliably, reproducibly and efficiently processing 100s samples (exomes, RNA-Seq) in parallel and returning results within 24h, the pipelines have both increased the group’s data processing capacity several-fold and reduced turnaround time by days.