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Case Studies

the challenge: How do cancer study researchers in a pharmaceutical company quickly and accurately manage 50-80 million sequence reads per sample fragments to solve clues about cancer?

the Eagle solution: By working with Eagle to introduce big data workflow technology that helps solve clues about cancer and which now powers other projects.

the challenge: How is Unilever transforming its business through genomics data insights?

the Eagle solution: By tapping into Eagle’s expertise to deliver a digital data program that runs 20 times faster, speeding the analysis of large quantities of biological data.

the challenge: How does Cytocell exploit the power of genomics to aide in the development of more than 350 cytogenetic, haematology and solid tumour analysis products?

the Eagle solution: By having Eagle build an improved system that allows for quicker mapping of the probes in its library against the reference human genome

the challenge: How does a leading innovator mine the assets within terabytes of microarray experiment data?

the Eagle solution: By partnering with Eagle to further develop Eagle’s powerful metadata system that enables avenues for further research and collaboration.

the challenge: Discover antibiotics with novel and unrelated mechanisms of action, which slow the development of resistance.

the Eagle solution: Evaluate the tools used by the company and adopt them to solve the challenge in a three step project.