• Where it all began...


On 28th February 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick, two scientists working at Cambridge University in England, walked into the Eagle Pub and announced: We have found the secret of life.

In fact, Watson and Crick had discovered the double helix for which they won a Nobel Prize. Many years later, this discovery led to the creation of the Human Genome Project in which Watson was deeply involved. Since 1953 many hundreds of genomes have been classified, aiding researchers to speed up the R&D processes behind drugs, seeds and other biological products. The application of computational techniques in support of this explosion of genomic research activity has resulted in the establishment of the field of bioinformatics.

Eagle Genomics is based in Cambridge and was named after the pub where Crick and Watson celebrated their discovery. Eagle specialises in bioinformatics, computational and systems biology, providing rare expertise to life science clients who wish to use genomic data to discover new products – be it drugs, agricultural products or personal hygiene products.

The team at Eagle are leaders in the field of management and analysis of genomic data, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Eagle is also highly experienced in helping customers plan, pilot and migrate their existing bioinformatics systems into the cloud.

Eagle is proud to be certified ISO27001 for adherence to international Information Security Management Systems standards, accredited as a Commercial Third Party under the NGS Information Governance (IG) Toolkit and HIPAA compliant for the safeguarding, privacy and protection of patient information.

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