• Data driven innovation
    is our DNA


Our award winning software solutions give scientists instant, smart access to the right data and free up their time to let them do the science.

We’ve created our award winning smart data management platform, which allows scientists and other users to bridge the gap between data and new insights in a rapid, systematic and traceable way.

We are thought leaders in life sciences smart data management and analysis. Over the last decade, we have collaborated with a range of blue chip clients in the healthcare, personal care and agritech sectors, enabling them to deliver game changing products and technologies into their respective markets.

At Eagle Genomics we innovate at the intersection of biology, data science and bioinformatics. We combine our knowledge in these fields with best in class enterprise software skills to achieve an audacious goal… to develop the enterprise information architecture for the genomics era.

We are also proud of our strong links to research and development in the critical emerging markets of human genomics and microbiomics. We are headquartered in the epicentre of genomic research at the Wellcome Campus in Cambridge and have close relationships with academics, hospitals and the European Bioinformatics Institute.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to advance data science, to drive scientific discovery in the fields of human genomics and microbiomics, and to equip our customers to solve some of the grand challenges of our age. Ultimately we want our software solutions to improve lives.

We partner with our life sciences clients who use life sciences data to discover and develop new products – be that drugs and therapies, foods or personal care products. Our smart data management solutions and our unique expertise have played a key role in bringing new candidate medicines, therapies and products to patients and customers more quickly.

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The Eagle Cambridge


Eagle Genomics has a rich heritage in genomics after nearly a decade at the forefront of genome bioinformatics.

Eagle Genomics was founded in 2008 in response to the opportunities in translational genomics, enabled by next generation sequencing and cloud computing. The company is named after the Eagle pub in Cambridge, where in 1953 Francis Crick and James Watson announced their discovery, ‘We have found the secret of life’, of how DNA carries genetic information.

Like Crick & Watson, we have close ties with Cambridge. We are based at the world renowned Wellcome Genome Campus. Eagle Genomics has made tangible contributions to the field of genomics data analysis and have been privileged to contribute first-hand to its evolution from basic research to a key driver of precision medicine. We have gained our position of leadership from both engagements with leading life science R&D companies and partnerships with academic and non-profit organizations.

Leadership team

Our executive team is comprised of the industry’s leading bioinformaticians, along with some of Cambridge’s best business minds who have a proven track record of growing major global organisations.

This combination of scientific expertise and strong business skills has helped Eagle Genomics establish itself quickly as a world leading company.

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