Elasticfox Firefox – AWS EC2 add-on for Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and higher with t1.micro instance support

Posted by Madhu Donepudi on May 12, 2011.

If you are a regular Amazon Web Services user, Elasticfox Firefox extension is a must to avoid the hassle of providing credentials on AWS console frequently. If you are not aware of this add-on, please do read the Elasticfox Getting Started Guide.

However if you have or planning to upgrade to Firefox 4 or later, be warned the original Elasticfox extension is not supported. With all due credit to the original developers, we managed to modify the original extension to work with the latest Firefox and also with an option to launch micro (t1.micro) instances. You can download the extension here.

Disclaimer: Eagle Genomics Ltd. do not claim the ownership of the plugin and is not involved in the development efforts. We are only providing an update to the user community.

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56 Responses to “Elasticfox Firefox – AWS EC2 add-on for Firefox 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and higher with t1.micro instance support”

  1. Jason B says:

    Excellent! Thanks. You saved me a lot of hassle.

  2. Paul Devine says:

    Thanks so much for this, it's been bugging me for months. I love that you've updated this.

  3. Bill B says:

    Thank you so much for this. I had downgraded back to Firefox 3.6 so I could keep using Elasticfox until I came across your contribution.

  4. Nirav says:

    Greatt.. Thank you so much..

  5. Mark R says:

    Great job – works fine for me under Firefox 4.0.1 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I was reluctant to upgrade from FF 3.5.x until I saw your fixed Elasticfox.

  6. Me says:

    Apparently is could not be used with Firefox 5.0 so far.. If it's working with Firefox 4.0 (didn't check this, because I skipped this version) it not too difficult to make it available for Firefox 5.0. I would appreciate if somebody with more insight to Firefox plugins could take a look at it. Thanks.

  7. bobthennukularphysist says:

    Well FF5 was just released. What does it take to get it to work on that version? I havent upgraded yet (except for my test machines) Is there a line I can change to enable the installation on FF5? Thanks.

  8. Madhu Donepudi says:

    The latest download link should work with Firefox 5. It should also fix the transparency issue on the rightclick menu.

    There is a line in install.rdf to specify a firefox version to which the plugin can support. Have bumped it up to allow installation on Firefox 5. Let me know if you have any problems

  9. Greg says:

    Firefox 5 (On Ubuntu) is telling me that the plugin is not supported. Downloaded via the current link on the post.

  10. Kamots says:

    Still does not work for Firefox 5.0 (the release version, not beta). When I click the link and it attempts to install it says the package is not compatible with Firefox 5.0

  11. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Apologies guys. Have linked to the correct version now.

  12. Kamots says:

    Wooohoo! Works great on Firefox 5.0, thank you! Been waiting for Elasticfox for Firefox 4 a long time and found your site today when I upgraded to 5.0

  13. John says:

    The regular extentions works fine with Firefox 5.0…
    Nothing to develop, just need to change the maximal version number in the install.rdf file provided in the elasticfox.xpi


    Nothing else !

  14. Madhu Donepudi says:


    I do not claim to be developing Elasticfox. I modified the original extension so it can also be installed on Firefox 4.0 or higher versions. It is for people who do not want to locate install.rdf file and edit it.

    On a similar note, have added micro instance support and fixed the transparency issue with the right click menu that I noticed on Firefox 4.

    You are more than welcome to make those changes/fixes yourself.

  15. Paul says:


    The version out on AWS ( http://aws.amazon.com/developertools/609?_encoding=UTF8&jiveRedirect=1 ) , has not been updated to support FF5, and causes a bit of confusion.

    The download link on this page works great. And thanks for providing an excellent tool!


  16. Madhu,

    That's brilliant!

    I just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 and with it came Firefox 5.0 and suddenly no ElasticFox! After rummaging around at Amazon, and trying the "official" install, still no luck. But then a quick search for Firefox 5 and ElasticFox and 10 seconds later you've given me back my ElasticFox.

    Even better, you've fixed my only real problem with ElasticFox i.e. no option to launch micros.

    The weirdest part is that you're in Babraham which is only 5 minutes from here. So I searched the entire world and found the solution literally just down the road!

    Anyway thanks again for an excellent job.


    P.S. Let me know if I can repay the favour. It's a while since I worked in Life Sciences, but if you want any tips on auto-scaling, haproxy, backup scripts, LAMP EBS images, or boring old relational data management, just let me know.

  17. Madhu Donepudi says:


    We are glad this post is helping the community. Am sure we could use your expertise suggestions in our work and I will contact in private about that.



  18. Aravind Rudrale says:

    Thank you so much, this works with firefox 5.0. You are a legend!

  19. Lee Button says:

    Thank you! pure genius works well with FF5 on OSX lion. I have been missing it for weeks.

  20. Mike Giles says:

    This was a great help for FF5, thank you! Any chance there will be a version that works with FF6? Firefox just auto-updated and now I've lost Elasticfox (which is the only thing I use it for).

  21. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Mike,

    Have just upgraded to FF6 and the download link in the post worked fine to install the add-on. Can you possibly uninstall and try installing it again?

  22. prabhakar srinivasan says:

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for. works great!

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  25. Andrew says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. Works even on the latest 6.0.1!

  26. Paul Norman says:

    Any chance you can update this to support all future Firefox versions (e.g. up to 100.00) now that they are coming thick and fast? Obviously it may not work with all upcoming versions, but it would mean that I don't have to update it X times a year!

  27. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Paul,

    It can certainly be done. As you mentioned, it may not work with all upcoming versions and then this comment section would be full of requests. Hence the reason I update this post only after testing it.

  28. Dave says:

    Is it possible to update this to work with Firefox 7, just released? Thanks for maintaining this version of ElasticFox!

  29. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Dave,

    I can certainly update the plugin. As requested by Paul earlier, I will update it to work upto version 10. So users do not require upgrading the plugin in the rapid Firefox release cycle.



  30. Nate says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question: I installed in FF 7.0.1, how do I start it? There is no "tools" menu…

  31. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Nate,

    Which OS are you using?

    P.S: Am using FF 7.0.1 on Windows XP and can see Tools menu.

    - Madhu

  32. Joshua Go says:

    Thank you so much for this. Works like a charm with Firefox 7.0.1 on Snow Leopard.

  33. karl says:

    it did not work

  34. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Karl,

    As you can see from the comments, it works on most platforms.

    I need more information like the OS you are using, Firefox version number etc. in order to help you.



  35. Jon says:

    It doesn't work with Firefox 8.0 now, can you make a fix?


  36. Kushal says:

    Thank you so much. Works like with Firefox 7.0.1 on Snow Leopard.

  37. Don Lipps says:

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping this tool up-to-date. Has saved me a ton of hassle with the rapid FF release schedule.

  38. Carmen says:

    Great work! Configuration for working with EC2 takes half the time it would without this tool. Just a question for you: I want to launch an instance of a Hadoop AMI using m1.small as an instance type, is it possible? Now in the combo box I get just t1.micro and m1.large,


  39. Madhu Donepudi says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Selected Hadoop image could be 64bit AMI? Can only launch m1.small instances on 32bit AMI in AWS.

    - Madhu

  40. Dominic says:

    Thank you very much!! I have been holding off on upgrading Firefox because of this.

  41. TSU says:

    Installs without error on FF9/01/VistaSP2(prob same for any Windows), but as Nate reports on Oct11, there is no menu item that launches ElasticFox.

    Hope this only requires a quick fix of some sort!

  42. TSU says:

    The text describing my system somehow got munged during posting

    Firefox v 8.0.1
    Vista SP2, but the problem likely applies to any Windows version of Firefox v8

  43. Madhu Donepudi says:

    I suppose it is related to particular Windows version. I have tried both on Windows XP and Windows Vista SP2 running latest Firefox 8


  44. Ash Tym says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for updating this plugin. I wonder why nobody bothered until now to update this? Regardless, kudos to you all at Eagle Genomics!

  45. Jeyaram Kumar P says:

    Was successful in installing on Win 7 for Firefox 9.0.1. Thnx Guys.

  46. BernieL says:

    Thanks for the extension. It's working on FF9.0.1 on Mac OS/X Lion. Just clicked on the link you posted in your heading and it's done. Great job!

  47. Successful one click extension add using FF 9.0.1 on Win 7 Premium, using your link at the top of this thread. Thank you so much for the valuable and timely updates to this tool Madhu!

  48. Richard Holland says:

    We've set up a shortcut to this page to make it easier to bookmark and check for updates:

  49. Peter Wilson says:

    Hi I have installed elasticfox 1.7.000116 in firefox 10.0.2 on windows 7 64 bit. There is no tools menu in this version of firefox. How on earth do you start the addon?



  50. Peter Wilson says:

    Its ok I worked it out. On a normal install click the orange firefox button, then click options, then select Menu Bar. This will give the tools menu :)

  51. jsd says:

    Does this work for anybody with FF13? I can't get anything to show up in the Regions menu. I tried adding new regions manually but no luck.

  52. Madhu Donepudi says:

    I updated to FF13 and can confirm it works. It took some time to load regions menu for the first time after the update but is quick after that.

  53. Bob Seamon says:

    Thanks so much for this update! I've been running with Firefox 3.6.3 for the past year and a half because the original elastifox didn't support firefox 4.0.

  54. David Weis says:

    To find/run elesticfox in newer Firefox versions, press 'Alt' to reveal the 'tool' menu from where you can see/run elesticfox. No way to run it directly from the new two column menu from add-ons.

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